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Unformatted text preview: ECE 462 : Logic Design Spring 2007 Time and Location 8:30 ­ 9:50 a.m. Monday, Wednesday 1310 Digital Computer Laboratory Staff Prof. David M. Nicol 457 Coordinated Science Lab office: 244­1925 nicol at (TA) Sriram Kharidehal, kharideh at Office Hours Nicol 9:00­10:00 Tuesday, 9:00­11:00 Thursday or by appointment. 457 CSL. Kharidehal Wed: 12:00­1:00 pm and Friday 12:00­2:00 pm. CSL 444 Text Digital Principles and Design Donald Givone (1st edition) Available at the Illini Union Bookstore Logic Design Principles Ed McCluskey Course Content (a) Topics in combinational logic, including canonical representation of Boolean expressions, Karnaugh maps, prime implicants, minimal sum/product expressions, symmetric and threshold functions, transient analysis, hazards, hazard­free design and fault models; (b) Topics in sequential logic, including latches, flip­flops, fundamental mode anlaysis, static hazards, races, essential hazards, flow tables, state assignment and state reduction, synchronizing and check sequences, and machine identification; (c) Topics in fault detection and testing, including Boolean difference and path sensitization. Assessment 25% ­ Homework sets 50% ­ 2 Midterms 25% ­ Final Homework Late Policy : Will drop lowest 2 HW scores Communication Material Topic Reading Boolean Algebra Givone 3 Switching Logic Givone 3 Canonical Forms Givone 3 Complete Sets McCluskey 2.6 General Boolean Algebras notes Binary Decision Diagrams handout Function Minimization Givone 4.2­4.3 Karnough Maps Givone 4.4 Quine­McCluskey Algorithm Givone 4.8 Prime Implicant Tables Givone 4.9 McCluskey 6.6­6.7 Petrick's Method Givone 4.9 Tison's Method notes. Multiple Output Networks Givone 4.12­4.13 McCluskey 6.8 Variable­Entered Karnough Givone 4.14 Maps Switching Algebra McCluskey 5 Threshold Functions McCluskey 5 Boolean Difference McCluskey 5 Function Decomposition McCluskey 5 Hazards McCluskey 3.6 Fault Models McCluskey 6.11 Test Sets McCluskey 6.12 Path Sensitivizations McCluskey 6­12 Flip­flops Givone 6 Synchronous Sequential Networks Givone 7 Algorithmic State Machines Givone 8 Asynchronous Sequential Networks Givone 9 Homework • Homework #1 due in class February 5, 2007. solution (pdf) . • Homework #2 (pdf) due in class 8:30 a.m. February 19, 2007 (extension due to snow day February 13. solution (pdf) . • Homework #3 (pdf) (file updated at 8:40 a.m. 2/18). Due in class 8:30 a.m. February 21, 2007 solution (pdf) • Homework #4 Due in class 8:30 a.m. March 14, 2007 ,solution (pdf) • Homework #5 (pdf) Due in class 8:30 a.m. April 9, 2007 ,solution (pdf) • Homework #6 Not actually due, just for practice Announcements • The lecture notes on Binary Decision diagrams are updated now to describe how to transform a BDD labeled to identify isomorphism into a BDD. Notes prior to the lecture did not contain this important step. 2/7/07. Homework #2 corrected: Find a minimized BDD for 4 variables that must have 11 terms (not 12, spotted by Markek Sulocha). More material on Binary Decision Diagrams can be gleaned from Graph­Based Algorithms For Boolean Function Manipulation , by Randall Bryant. Material from the McC. text on Prime Implication Tables, and multiple output functions is given . here Material from the McC. text on Switching Functions and their properties is given . here � Midterm #1 is re­scheduled to be in class, February 28; this is a change from the earlier announceddate of February 26, owing to the class we missed for a snow­day. Midterm #2 is tentatively scheduled to be in class, April 11. UIUC schedules the final to be 1:30­4:30 PM, Monday, May 7, in the normal meeting classroom. Homework #3 has had two modifications made to it since its original posting, the latest being 2/18 in the morning. One modification removed a duplicated term from the L list in the Tison's method problem. The other was to add definitions to the statement of problem 5, definitions that can be found already in the text reading and will be in the lecture notes for Monday (originally scheduled for last Wednesday). — The first midterm given in Spring '06 is posted here . — Solutions to midterm #1 in Spring '07 are posted . Here too is a chart here reflecting scores. The lecture notes used in class 3/7 had a couple of errors in them (on the last 3 slides). A corrected set are posted (3/7, 12:45 p.m.). I'll cover the changes in class on Monday. The lecture notes used in class 4/4 are redone (13:45 4/4) to better address the discussion in class on don't care terms. Also be sure to read Givone 4.14. An extra credit problem on variable entered K maps is glued onto to HW #5. Know how to do these by test time, even if you don't by turning in homework time. @ Mid­term #2 for last year is posted . Some things to note (i) on Q4 We called P­ here Set's "1­sets" and S­Sets "0­sets". But in any case we've not yet covered dynamic faults, so don't sweat this one yet. On Q6 it asks about flow tables, but we've not covered flow tables yet either. Rest assured that you aren't missing out....last year I did BDD's at the end of the course, didn't cover variable­entered K­maps, nor Algorithmic State Machines (our next topic). In case you were feeling deprived of content.... solutions for homeworks 4 and 5 are up, as are revised lecture notes for Lecture 16. — Solutions for Midterm #2 in Spring '07 are posted . Here too is a list of list of here scores . No office hours will be held 5/3. I'll hold them 10­12 5/4, in CSL 457. As I explained in class on Wednesday, you're allowed 2 8x11 crib sheets in the final exam. Lectures 1. 1/17/07 Course Introduction. Truth tables. Switching networks. lecture notes #1 (pdf) 2. 1/22/07 Reed­Muller Canonical Form, General Boolean Algebras lecture notes #2 (pdf) 3. 1/24/07 Prime Implicants, Quine­McCluskey Algorithm lecture notes #3 (pdf) 4. 1/29/07 ­ 1/31/07 Binary Decision Diagrams lecture notes #4 (pdf). Last update 2/3 at 11:00 p.m. 5. 2/5/07 Prime Implicant Table Reduction lecture notes #6 (pdf) 6. 2/7/07 Branching Method, Petrick's Method, Tison's Method lecture notes #7 (pdf) 7. 2/12/07 Tison's Method (cont'd), Special Function Properties lecture notes #8 (pdf) Last update 2/12, 10:30 a.m. 8. 2/19/07 More Function Properties lecture notes #9 (pdf) 9. 2/21/07 Boolean Difference, Simple Function Decomposition lecture notes #10 (pdf) 10. 3/7/07 Hazards lecture notes #11 (pdf) 11. 3/12/07 Testing lecture notes #12 (pdf) 12. 3/14/07 Finite State Machines lecture notes #13 (pdf) 13. 3/28/07 Flip­Flops lecture notes #14 (pdf) 14. 4/2/07 Synchronous Sequential Circuits lecture notes #15 (pdf) 15. 4/4/07 Variable Entered Karnaugh Maps lecture notes #16 (pdf) 16. 4/16/07 Algorithmic State Machines Figures/Tables from Givone Chapter 8 (pdf) 17. 4/25/07 Asychronous Sequential Circuits lecture notes #18 (pdf) 18. 4/30/07­5/2/07 Further Asychronous Sequential Circuits lecture notes #19 (pdf) ...
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