3-30 - • USP in the tagline o 1 Enterprise—“We’ll...

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March 30, 2011 Charles Schwab Principle #4: Believability GameStop o Christmas—“now it’s your chance to be cool again” Principles are not enough! You need great creativity! -Another thing Bernbach says Bernbach Ad creativity is a function of: o One’s own talent o Work environment Lemon. o Volkswagen ad o “State of disappointment with a car” Principle #5: Relevance: Always look for ways to add relevance to your message “GM, Ford, Chrysler Hike Prices—little one stays down $2165” o Volkswagen Idea spotting example: o “Water Bug” ad after seeing a Volkswagen driving through water in the newspaper Nike o Basketball—Lebron Rise o “Should I be who you want me to be?” Humor can add relevance to your message o American Gothic reference—“It was the only thing to do after the mule died” Volkswagen “No point in showing the ’62 Volkswagen, it still looks the same” Principle #6: Find a Unique Selling Proposition It’s best if you can express the USP in the campaign tagline
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Unformatted text preview: • USP in the tagline o 1. Enterprise—“We’ll pick you up” o 2. Olive Garden “When you’re here you’re family” o 3. Nationwide “$100 off your deductible for every year of no accident’s” o 4. USPS “If it fits it ships” o 5. Wal-Mart “Save money. Live better” o 6. IBM “Let’s build a smarter planet” o 7. Home Depot “More saving. More doing” • Rules of USP o 1. Must make a definite proposition Ex: $100 off every year for no accidents o 2. It must be unique. o 3. The proposition must sell. Must be a characteristic that is important in the category (convenience, taste, price, etc.) • USP almost never wears out o Repetition!!! Ex: “It melts in your mouth, not in your hand” Principle #7: Consistency • There’s a desire to change early from the advertisers POV • Motel 6 Bernbach’s Principles: Think different, simplicity, specificity, … Don’t lose childhood enthusiasm....
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3-30 - • USP in the tagline o 1 Enterprise—“We’ll...

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