Ch 12 Book Notes - Chapter 12 Pg 376 C reative Teams In an...

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Chapter 12 Pg 376: Creative Teams In an ad agency consists of an art director and copywriter as partners. Pg 377: Globalization Box: Kissing Thing American Management philosophy KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) has relevance for Global advertising 4 Lifestyle products that translate well across cultures o Soft drinks o Jeans o Sneakers o Candy 4 Constants of successful global advertising (SCHC) o Simplicity o Clarity o Humor o Clever Demonstration Pgs 378-381: Copywriting and the Creative Plan Copywriting: the process of expressing the value and benefits a brand has to offer, via written or verbal descriptions. o The never-ending search for ideas combined with a never-ending search for new and different ways to express those ideas Effective copywriters are well-informed, astute adv decision makers with creative talent An astute advertiser will go to great lengths to provide copywriters with as much information as possible about the objectives for a particular advertising effort. o How to keep copywriters informed Ex 12.5: Hathaway shirt ad from this Ogilvy is used in class to illustrate how logic can ruin a great idea Pg 381: Creative Plan: a guideline used during the copywriting process to specify the
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Ch 12 Book Notes - Chapter 12 Pg 376 C reative Teams In an...

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