Ch 13 Book Notes - Chapter 13 Pg 408: Long term trend...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13 Pg 408: Long term trend toward importance of visuals in ads vs. words—advertising has become more visual Pgs 408-412: I llustration • I llustration: The context of print adv, is the actual drawing, painting, photography, or computer generated art that forms the picture in an advertisement • Purposes o To attract the attention of the target audience o To communicate product features or benefits o To stimulate reading of the body copy o To create the desired social context for the brand Pg 412-414: Illustration Components • Size o Greater size in an illustration may allow an ad to compete more successfully • Color o Can be used to communicate a principal value or emphasize a feature; color is cultural, situational, and contextual • Medium o The decision regarding the use of drawing, photography, or computer graphics Pg 414: Design • Design: the structure itself and the plan behind that structure for the aesthetic and stylistic aspects of a print advertisement • I t is ok to break the rules, but first you must know them. Notice how these principles apply to web screen views as well. • 5 Principles of Design o Balance Balance in an ad is an orderliness and compatibility of presentation Can be formal or informal • Formal: emphasizes symmetrical presentation • I nformal: asymmetry—the optical weighing of non-similar sizes and shapes • Ex 13.12 : This Harley ad illustrates informal balance o Proportion The proportion within an ad should be pleasing to the viewer Has to do with the size and tonal relationships between different elements in an ad o Order The components within an ad should have an ordered and directional pattern Ex 13.14 : The order of elements in this ad for the Land Rover controls the reader’s eye, moving it from the top of the ad through the body copy and logo, then down to the product shot...
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Ch 13 Book Notes - Chapter 13 Pg 408: Long term trend...

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