Ch 9 Book Notes - Chapter 9 Advertising Planning An...

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Chapter 9: Advertising Planning: An International Perspective Commander Safeguard (CS) Story: Produced a 15 minute cartoon Edutainment Program CS storybooks were also provided for kids to take home and share with their mothers Made a TV series starring CS They had an art gallery online (children’s drawings and poems) Sales doubled in the next 2 years International Advertising: advertising that reaches across national and cultural boundaries Globalization Box: Stumbling Into China Why does China represent an incredible challenge to US Marketers? o Many companies large and small are turning to China as a new source of business opportunity Toyota misadventures in marketing a new brand in China o The culture is different o They had the Prado driving past two stone lions bowing to it Lions symbolize two different things in China Prado means different things in China Culture: Set of values, rituals, and behaviors that defines a way of life Communicating ACROSS cultures is NOT easy Ads depend on effective communication, and effective communication
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Ch 9 Book Notes - Chapter 9 Advertising Planning An...

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