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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15: Media Planning: Print, Television and Radio I ntro. A Whole New “Traditional” Media World • New Media World: advertisers are adopting the belief that digital media offers a more cost effective way to reach targeted consumers plus digital messages are measurable, easy to change and easily global. • Google and Yahoo! Offer precisely targeted local ads plus offers free classified ads plus news free all over the web. • This evolving environment is reshaping media and how consumers get their news, information and entertainment Which Media? Strategic Planning Considerations • 50% of all US $’s go to traditional, offline media (so they are still huge) and newspapers, magazines, TV and radio will form the foundation of most ad campaigns for years to come Absolut Vodka • Absolut success based on a big idea • Bottle as focal point • Used only one media class: o Print o Still relies heavily on print adv • Stick with it long-term 6 Advantages of Newspapers • Geographic Selectivity o Offer advertisers the opportunity to reach a geographically well-defined target audience. • Timeliness o Allows advertisers to reach audiences in a timely manner because of their daily publication • Creative Opportunities o Advertisers can provide a lot of information to the audience at a relatively low cost; helpful for products or services with lengthy or detailed copy • Credibility o “If it’s in the paper, it must be true” • Audience Interest o Regular newspaper readers are t ruly interested in the information they’re reading...
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Ch 15 Book Notes - Chapter 15 Media Planning Print...

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