Ch 16 Book Notes - Chapter 16: Media Planning: Advertising...

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Chapter 16: Media Planning: Advertising and IBP on the Internet Intro Scenario: Axe 75 Countries Keyed in on videos of all female band singing BomChickaWahWah Launched in to Web 2.0 world of social networks to be “voluntarily” viewed by the Web generation on, etc. to increase power of message No Wires Means New Rules Web advertising has finally become a powerful ad option with paid search leading the way WIRELESS is the key driving the future 3 innovative technologies: o WiMax (25-30 mile hotspot) o Mobile-fi o Ultrabroadband Globalization Box: To Russia with WiMax Will this push Russia into becoming a democracy? What are Pepsi and BMW cited as examples of? They are discovering ways to use the Internet as a key component of IBP The (R)evolution of the Internet The Internet-connected consumer is connected to other consumers in real time, and with connection comes community, empowerment, even liberation Technology has the power and potential to change everything Internet can change something very fundamental about human existence Advertising on the Internet has increased 3% (?) from 2005 to 2011 (from 12 billion to 36 billion) Ex. 16.3: Estimates of Internet Users Worldwide as of 2006 What country has the highest penetration of Internet Usage? o Iceland-75.2% Worldwide percentage? o 16.6% Ex. 16.4: A Glossary of Basic Internet Terminology Banner Ad: An ad, typically rectangular, used to catch a consumer’s eye on a Web page. Banner ads serve as a gateway to send a consumer to an expanded webpage where more extensive info. Is provided for a firm or a
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product. Many include an electronic commerce capability whereby a
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Ch 16 Book Notes - Chapter 16: Media Planning: Advertising...

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