Ch 18 Book Notes - CHAPTER 18 Support Media Event...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 18: Support Media, Event Sponsorship, and Branded Entertainment I ntro. Scenario: Charmin & NY • Charmin Restrooms was P&G’s brand building connection with consumers o Shows us that traditional mass media are no longer enough o Found people that had to go & set up lots of restroom spots around the Big Apple, fully equipped with anything you need (Charmin brand) o Marketers are now using these means to create meaningful connections with the customers Why the Convergence of Madison and Vine? • More than ever, brand builders want to be embedded in the targets entertainment • Advertising, branding, and entertainment are converging at an accelerating rate (hence, Madison and Vine) • Why? o An important issue propelling this search for new ways to reach consumers is the erosion in the effectiveness of traditional broadcast media. • Bob Garfield’s “Chaos Scenario” o Suggests a death spiral for the 30 second network TV commercial The potential power and value of event sponsorships is set against the backdrop of an increasingly fragmented and expensive media environment. Hence, expect event sponsorships and experiential marketing to become an increasingly important component of the IBP mixes of savvy marketers Event Sponsorship • GM’s strategy alternative to traditional media advertising o Entail sponsoring events that get consumers in direct contact with its vehicles, or events that associate the GM name with...
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Ch 18 Book Notes - CHAPTER 18 Support Media Event...

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