boondocks - Draft 1 The sarcasm in the voice, the over...

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Draft 1 The sarcasm in the voice, the over dramatization, the criticism of real people; these are all seen in popular animated satires. The Boondocks demonstrates these characteristics in each episode but does it constitute an animated satire? This is the question that I aim to answer in this criticism if “The Boondocks.” Through the form of a Generic Criticism we will look at “The Boondocks” as a satire and how it follows the pattern of other popular satires and black comedy. I will use Generic participation as a mode of analysis to see if The Boondocks fit the satirical Genre. Generic criticism, according to Foss, "is rooted in the assumption that certain types of situations provoke similar needs and expectations in audiences and thus call for particular kinds of rhetoric." This means that to be considered apart of a genre an artifact has to follow the patterns of other artifacts in the said genre. To take a closer look at animated satires it is best fitting to explore "South Park: Fish sticks episode," and "Family Guy." I chose these two American Animations because they are both popular in our society. I will test "The Boondocks: Pause episode" against the characteristics of these two animated satires. The steps I will take to describe these characteristics are to describe the perceived situational requirements, substantive and stylistic strategies, and organizational principle of animated satires and this artifact, then to compare my findings and conclude if The Boondocks is an animated satire or something slightly different. In the past satires have been used to create social change. They also come in the form of humor. The South Park episode I have chosen is circled around a joke made by one of the
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characters. The joke started with a question, "do you like fish sticks (fish-dicks)?" and after another male answered “yes" then they would ask, "do you like fish sticks in your mouth?" If the
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boondocks - Draft 1 The sarcasm in the voice, the over...

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