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mode of analysis - Assignment Directions For each of the...

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Assignment Directions: For each of the modes of analysis we have addressed thus far, you should 1) write a BRIEF (2-3 sentences) description about what the mode of analysis can reveal about ANY rhetorical artifact and 2) Identify ONE argument that might emerge when you apply each method to your artifact. For those of you with visual rhetoric, assume these modes of analysis complement your visual analysis. In lieu of reading, this assignment should take you at least two hours. (2 hours of preparation for every one hour of class). You should be prepared to discuss your argument in class on Friday. 1. Neo Aristotelian Criticism: a. What this mode can reveal about any artifact: Analyzes the speaker/presenter of an artifact, usually a speech, and how he presents the artifact. This mode can reveal a lot about the audience the where the speaker is coming from. It reveals the context of the situation by looking at the speaker's past. After looking at the past we can look at the speakers delivery(tone of voice etc.) b. One argument based on an application of the method to your artifact:
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mode of analysis - Assignment Directions For each of the...

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