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CCNA1 Ch3 Module Answers

CCNA1 Ch3 Module Answers - CCNA1 Module 3 Exam Answers V.4...

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CCNA1 - Module 3 Exam Answers V.4 Options With Highlight Colours are Correct Answer 1. What application layer protocol is commonly used to support for file transfers between a client and a server? • HTML • HTTP • FTP • Telnet 2. What are two forms of application layer software? (Choose two.) applications • dialogs • requests services • syntax 3. A network administrator is designing a network for a new branch office of twenty-five users. What are the advantages of using a client-server model? (Choose two.) centralized administration does not require specialized software security is easier to enforce lower cost implementation • provides a single point of failure 4. What is the purpose of resource records in DNS? • temporarily holds resolved entries used by the server to resolve names sent by the client to during a query • passes authentication information between the server and client 5. What is the automated service that matches resource names with the required IP address? • HTTP • SSH • FQDN DNS • Telnet • SMTP 6. What three protocols operate at the Application layer of the OSI model? (Choose three.) • ARP DNS • PPP SMTP
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