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Michael S Murphy | NET125 Chapter 3: Assignment Vocabulary Exercise: Matching Term Definition a. Application layer h. Generally defines the protocols in the TCP/IP suite b. Layer 7 b. Top layer of both the OSI and TCP/IP models c. Presentation layer d. Functions at this layer create and maintain dialogs between source and destination applications d. Session layer f. The most widely known TCP/IP application layer protocols that provide for the exchange of user information e. GIF, JPEG, TIFF a. Top layer of the OSI model f. DNS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP g. Protocol used to provide remote access to servers and network work devices g. Telnet c. This layer provides coding, compression, and encryption h. Request For Comments (RFC) e. Graphic image formats Concept Questions 1. What does the term network-aware application mean? List a few examples. It means some end-user applications that implement the application layer protocols and are able to communicate directly with the lower layers of the protocol stack; Email clients and web browsers are examples of these types of applications. 2. What is meant by the term application layer services? Why are protocols important when used in conjunction with application layer services? They use protocols that are implemented within applications and services. Applications provide people with a way to create messages, application layer services establish an interface to the network, and protocols provide the rules and formats that govern how data is treated. 3. It is difficult to generalize about protocols because they vary so greatly in purpose,
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Chap3assignment - Michael S Murphy | NET125 Chapter 3:...

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