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Week 2_StudyGuide Questions_PStafford - It decentralizes...

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Precious Stafford Net202 March 09, 2011 Study Guide Questions pages 67 and 68 1. The Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model is a layered, abstract representation created as a guideline for network protocol design. The OSI model divides the networking process into which seven layers? Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, Physical. 2. What is the most popular application service? E-mail 3. The e-mail server operates which two separate processes? ( Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and Mail Delivery Agent(MDA) 4. Data transfer from the client to the server is referred to as which of the following? Upload 5. Which of the following best describes a peer-to-peer network?
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Unformatted text preview: It decentralizes the resources on a network 6. The Domain Name System (DNS) was created to do what? Resolve domain names to IP addresses. 7. The different top-level domains represent which of the following? Type of organization and country of origin 8. For secure communication across the Internet, which protocol is used to access or post web server information? HTTPS 9. To receive email message from an email server, the email client can use which of the following protocols? POP 10. Which server automates the assignment of IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway, and other IP networking parameters? DHCP...
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Week 2_StudyGuide Questions_PStafford - It decentralizes...

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