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6605782-CompCh03Answers-to-RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS Reviewing...

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R EVIEW Q UESTIONS Reviewing the Basics 1. What is the difference between a hard boot and a soft boot? A hard boot usually involves restarting the computer by pressing the on/off switch. A soft boot is performed from the operating system, such as by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del or by choosing a Restart option from the Shut Down dialog box. 2. What three keys can you press to perform a soft boot when using DOS? Ctrl+Alt+Del 3. What are the four main parts of the boot process? BIOS checks hardware through POST. The ROM BIOS program searches for and loads an OS. The OS configures the system and completes its own loading. The user executes application software. 4. What memory address is always assigned to the first instruction in the ROM BIOS startup program? FFFF0h 5. How does startup BIOS communicate errors during POST if video is not yet available? Beep codes 6. Name the program that is needed to locate the beginning of the OS on a drive. The MBR (master boot record) 7. List three types of information contained in a hard drive’s partition table. How many partitions are present Where each partition begins and ends Which partition is the active partition
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8. Give one example of a file system that can be used on a hard drive. Possible answers: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS 9. What three OS files are necessary to boot to MS-DOS mode? What is the function of each? What additional two files are not required but are used if they are present? Io.sys (contains the basic I/O software for real mode), Msdos.sys (contains parameters and switches that affect the way the OS boots), and Command.com (contains more code to manage I/O, programs for internal OS commands such as Copy and Dir, and a short program that looks
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6605782-CompCh03Answers-to-RQ - REVIEW QUESTIONS Reviewing...

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