Chapter 16 Managing and Supporting Windows XP

Chapter 16 Managing and Supporting Windows XP - Managing...

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Managing and Supporting Windows XP Chapter #16 Amy Hissom Key Terms Backup Operator — A Windows 2000/XP user account that can back up and restore any files on the system regardless of its having access to these files. Blue screen — A Windows NT/2000/XP error that displays against a blue screen and causes the system to halt. Also called a stop error. Built-in user account — An administrator account and a guest account that are set up when Windows NT/2000/XP is first installed. Disk quota — A limit placed on the amount of disk space that is available to users. Requires a Windows 2000/XP NTFS volume. Dr. Watson.log — A Windows utility that can record detailed information about the system, errors that occur, and the programs that caused them in a log file. Windows 9x names the log file \Windows\ Drwatson\WatsonXX.wlg, where XX is an incrementing number. Windows 2000 names the file \Documents and Settings\user\Documents\ DrWatson\Drwtsn32.log. Windows XP calls the file Drwatson.log. Encrypted File System (EFS) — A way to use a key to encode a file or folder on an NTFS volume to protect sensitive data. Because it is an integrated system service, EFS is transparent to users and applications and is difficult to attack. Encryption — The process of putting readable data into an encoded form that can only be decoded (or decrypted) through use of a key. Forgotten password floppy disk — A Windows XP disk created to be used in the event the user forgets the user account password to the system. Global user account — Sometimes called a domain user account, the account is used at the domain level, created by an administrator, and stored in the SAM (security accounts manager) database on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 domain controller. Group Policy – Displays and changes policies controlling users and the computer. Group profile — A group of user profiles. All profiles in the group can be changed by changing the group profile. Guest user — A user who has limited permissions on a system and cannot make changes to it. Guest user accounts are intended for one-time or infrequent users of a workstation. Hardware profile
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Chapter 16 Managing and Supporting Windows XP - Managing...

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