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Chapter_1.1170143 - CHAPTER 1 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1 Why is...

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CHAPTER 1 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. Why is all data stored in a computer in binary form? Binary is the format that the computer “understands,” not a programming language or a human language. All instructions between hardware and software in a computer are reduced to a simple yes or no, a state of on or off. 2. What are the four primary functions of hardware? Input, processing, output, and storage 3. What are the two main input devices and two main output devices? The two main input devices are the keyboard and the mouse. The two main output devices are the monitor and the printer. 4. What three things do electronic hardware devices need in order to function? A method for the CPU to communicate with the device, software to instruct and control the device, and electricity to power the device 5. How many bits are in a byte? Eight 6. What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard? An expansion slot on a motherboard is used for an expansion card, which enables a device that is not on the motherboard to communicate with the CPU. 7. Which component on the motherboard is used primarily for processing? The CPU (central processing unit), also called the processor
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8. Name three CPU manufacturers. Possible answers: Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM 9. What technology is most often used today to manufacture microchips? CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) 10. What are two other names for the system bus? Possible answers: memory bus, host bus, front side bus, external bus 11. What are two other names for the motherboard? Main board, system board 12. What are the two basic types of cables found inside a computer case and what are their basic functions?
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