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Chapter_8. Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 8 REVIEWING...

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Chapter 8 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. Name four ATA standards for interfacing with hard drives. Possible answers: IDE/ATA, ATA-2, Fast ATA, Parallel ATA, EIDE, ATA-3, ATA/ATAPI-4, Ultra ATA, Fast ATA-2, Ultra DMA, DMA/33, ATA/ATAPI-5, Ultra ATA/66, Ultra DMA/66, ATA/ATAPI-6, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra DMA/100, ATA/ATAPI-7, Ultra ATA/133, Serial ATA 2. What are the two data transfer modes used by hard drives? PIO and DMA 3. What are the two types of parallel ATA data cables used with hard drives? 80-conductor cable and 40-conductor cable 4. What is the name of the ATA standard that uses a serial data cable? Serial ATA 5. What are the two most popular spindle speeds measured in RPMs currently used for hard drives? 5400 and 7200 6. How does serial ATA help keep a computer case cool better than parallel ATA? Because serial ATA cables are thinner, they do not hinder air flow as much as wider parallel ATA cables. 7. If a hard drive has three platters, how many heads does it have? Six 8. Given that there are 512 bytes per sector, calculate the hard drive storage for the following: heads = 32, tracks (cylinders) = 1,024, sectors/track = 63. 1,056,964,608 bytes 9. What are three modes that system BIOS can use to relate to hard drives? CHS mode, ECHS mode (large mode), or LBA mode 10. Which mode must be used for a 10-GB hard drive?
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LBA mode 11. What is the ATA standard that changed the number of bits used to address data on a hard drive? ATA/ATAPI-6 12. How does block mode give faster access to a hard drive? How can you disable block mode? Block mode enables multiple transfers of data on a single software interrupt. You can disable
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Chapter_8. Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 8 REVIEWING...

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