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Chapter_9. Reviewing basics answers

Chapter_9. Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 9 Reviewing...

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Chapter 9 Reviewing the Basics 1. Identify three things that may cause monitor flicker. Poor cable connections, accumulated magnetic fields, electrical noise, vertical scan frequency below 60 Hz, screen resolution set too high 2. Describe what to do if you have just spilled soda pop on your keyboard. Replace the keyboard. You might be able to salvage the keyboard by thoroughly rinsing it in running water. 3. Explain how to check that chips on a video card are properly seated in their sockets. Remove the card from the expansion slot and then use a screwdriver to press down firmly on each corner of each socketed chip on the card. 4. When troubleshooting problems with a monitor in Windows XP, why would you enter Safe Mode? To allow the OS to select a generic display driver and low resolution 5. Describe how to boot Windows XP into Safe Mode. Press F8 during startup to display the startup menu. Then use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode from the startup menu. 6. Why would an external modem cost more than an internal modem? Because an external modem has the added cost of an external case, power source, and data cable 7. Name three possible ways a scanner might interface with a motherboard. Through a SCSI port, a USB port, or through FireWire 8. By definition, what system resources does COM1 use? COM2? COM3? COM4? COM1—IRQ 4, memory addresses 03F8-3FF COM2—IRQ 3, memory addresses 02F8-2FF COM3—IRQ 4, memory addresses 03E8-3EF
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COM4—IRQ 3, memory addresses 02E8-2EF 9. What is the display resolution for standard VGA settings?
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Chapter_9. Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 9 Reviewing...

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