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Chapter_10. Reviewing Basics answers

Chapter_10. Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 10 REVIEWING...

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Chapter 10 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. What must be true before MMX, SSE, SSE2, and 3DNow! technology can improve multimedia performance on a PC? The applications and hardware devices must be designed to use the technology. 2. What is the significance of the multi-session feature on a CD drive? The drive can read a disc that has been created in multiple sessions rather than having been written all at once. 3. Name three ways a CD drive can interface with a motherboard. With an EIDE interface, sharing an IDE connection, a cable, or both with a hard drive. These drives use the ATAPI standard. Using a SCSI interface with a SCSI host adapter For portable drives, with an external port (such as a USB, FireWire, or SCSI port) on your PC 4. Which side of a CD contains data? The bright, bottom side (not the side with the label) 5. If a CD drive and a hard drive are sharing the same data cable in a computer system, what type of connection is the CD drive using? Which of the two drives should be set to master? Which to slave? The CD drive is using an EIDE connection. The hard drive should be set to master and the CD drive to slave. 6. What unit of measure is used to express the sampling rate of a sound card? Hertz (Hz) 7. Why must sound and video input into a PC be converted from analog to digital?
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Analog data is smooth and continuous, whereas digital data, such as the binary data used in computers, has distinct gradations. The process of producing digital data by measuring data at a series of representative points is called sampling. 8. What is the sampling rate (in Hz) of music CDs? 44,100 Hz 9. How many samples can be stored in 8 bits? 256 10. What would be a quick, short test to see if a sound card was successfully installed? Play a music CD. 11. In a system that uses a CD drive, the audio wire connects the _____ to the _____.
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Chapter_10. Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 10 REVIEWING...

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