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Chapter_12 Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 12 REVIEWING...

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Chapter 12 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. What does %SystemRoot% mean? Indicates the Windows 2000/XP folder on the boot partition, usually C:\Windows or C:\Winnt 2. What is the normal path and the filename of the Windows 2000/XP virtual memory file? C:\pagefile.sys 3. In what folder does Windows 2000 store a backup of the registry when backing up the system state? The %SystemRoot%\ repair\RegBack folder 4. What is the command to install the Windows 2000/XP Support Tools? D:\Support\Tools\Setup.exe (substituting the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive for D in the command line, if necessary) 5. What type of user account must you be using to install a hardware device that is using drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft? An account with administrative privileges 6. What Windows utility can you use to help you decide if the system needs more RAM? Task Manager 7. What tool can you use to create a console containing Device Manager and Event Viewer? MMC (Microsoft Management Console) 8. What is the file extension assigned to a console file? .msc 9. Name one snap-in contained in a Computer Management console. Event Viewer, System Information, Device Manager, Disk Management, Disk Defragmenter, Services Console 10. What is the program filename for System File Checker? Sfc.exe
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11. List three ways to access the Task Manager. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously. If the Windows Security window opens, click the Task Manager button. Right-click a blank area on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the shortcut menu.
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Chapter_12 Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 12 REVIEWING...

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