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Chapter_14 Reviewing Basics answers

Chapter_14 Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 14 REVIEWING...

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Chapter 14 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. In the Windows 2000/XP boot process, what file reads and loads the boot menu? Ntldr 2. Where is the Boot.ini file stored? Root directory of the system partition (usually C:\) 3. What does % SystemRoot % mean? Indicates the Windows 2000/XP folder on the boot partition, usually C:\Windows 4. Under what circumstances would you use the Enable VGA Mode option on the Advanced Options menu? When the video setting has problems that prevent you from seeing well enough to fix it 5. What key do you press to display the Advanced Options menu during startup? F8 6. When you look at a Windows desktop, how can you tell if the system has been booted into Safe Mode? “Safe Mode” is displayed in all four corners of the screen. 7. What is the purpose of Safe Mode with networking under the Advanced Options menu? This mode is used when there is a problem with the boot process that requires access to the network to solve, or when the Windows 2000/XP installation files are loaded from the network and access to those files is required. 8. What is the name of the log file that Windows 2000/XP uses when booting in Safe Mode? Ntbtlog.txt 9. List the steps to load the Recovery Console when using the four Windows 2000 rescue disks.
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Insert the first of the four setup disks and restart the PC. You are directed to insert each of the four disks in turn, and then the Setup screen appears. Type R to select the “To repair a Windows 2000 installation” option. The Windows 2000 Repair Options window opens. Type C to select the Recovery Console. The Windows 2000 Recovery Console window opens. The Recovery Console looked at the hard drive and determined that only a single Windows 2000 installation was on the drive installed in the C:\Winnt folder. (The Winnt folder might be on a different drive on your machine.) Press 1
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Chapter_14 Reviewing Basics answers - Chapter 14 REVIEWING...

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