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Chapter_16 Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 16 REVIEWING...

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Chapter 16 REVIEWING THE BASICS 4. What are the three core components of Windows 9x/Me? GDI, user, and kernel 2. Which are preferable to use: 32-bit drivers or 16-bit drivers? 32-bit drivers 3. What is the function of the Autorun.inf file included on the Windows 9x/Me installation CD? The Setup.exe file? The Readme.txt file? Autorun.inf launches the interactive interface for the CD. Readme.txt explains the layout of the CD and gives locations for other readme files. Setup.exe begins installation of the OS. 4. List at least five things you need to do to prepare your hard drive for an upgrade installation of Windows 9x/Me. Delete all folders on the hard drive used for the OS or applications. Verify that you have enough space on the hard drive. Run ScanDisk. Run a current version of antivirus software to check for viruses. If you are upgrading from Windows 3.x, save configuration files so that you can backtrack to it if necessary. Check Config.sys and Autoexec.bat for potential problems. Convert TSRs that might give problems to remarks by typing REM at the beginning of the appropriate command line in Config.sys or Autoexec.bat. If you are connected to a network, verify that the connection is working. If you are upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 98, create a Windows 95 rescue disk for use in the event the installation fails.
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Decide if you want to use FAT16 or FAT32 for your file system. If you are installing Windows on a compressed drive, be aware that the registry can reside on any compressed drive, but the swap file can reside on a compressed drive only if it is compressed using protected-mode software such as DriveSpace. The best practice is to back up the data and then uncompress the drive. You can later compress it using Windows 98 DriveSpace. 5. What are the four types of installations that you can choose during setup of Windows 9x/ Me? Typical, portable, compact, and custom 6. For what are the log files Setuplog.txt, Detlog.txt, and Detcrash.log used? Setuplog.txt is used by Windows to determine how far it got into the installation when it is recovering from a crash. Detlog.txt keeps a record of hardware detected. Detcrash.log is a binary file used by Windows to help recover from a crash caused by a hardware problem. 7. What type of disk should you always create when prompted to do so during Windows 9x/ Me setup? Why is this such an important step? Always create the emergency startup disk when prompted to do so because it can help
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Chapter_16 Reviewing basics answers - Chapter 16 REVIEWING...

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