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Student Name ____________________________ Date _____________ Packet Tracer Network Creation Lab Task 1: Three Router/ Three Switch Network Creation Open Packet Tracer 5.0 and pull three 2621XM routers and three 2950T switches into the Network pane as shown below: Click on the leftmost router’s label and change it from Router0 to Dallas, click on the middle and rightmost routers and change their labels respectively to Chicago and Boston as shown below: We need to now add serial ports to the routers to make WAN connections between them. Click on each of the routers one at a time, open the Physical tab, turn the router power off, install a WIC2T card into the rightmost WIC slot and turn the router power back on. The completed physical tab views for all routers should look like the one below: 1
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Use a straight-through cable to connect the router’s FastEthernet port to the 2950T just below the routers as shown below: To interconnect the serial interfaces of the Dallas, Chicago and Boston routers, we will use a DCE/DTE back-to-back cable. The connections are as follows: The Dallas S0/0 (DCE) connects to the Chicago S0/1 (DTE), The Chicago S0/0 (DCE) connects to the Boston S0/1 (DTE) and the Boston S0/0 (DCE) connects to the Dallas S0/1 (DTE). Note that all connected S0/0 interfaces are DCE connections while all S0/2 interfaces are DTE connections. The placement of the DCE side of the cable is important
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NetworkCreation_PTLab - Student Name _ Date _ Packet Tracer...

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