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Unformatted text preview: Student Name ____________________________ Date _____________ Remote EIGRP Summary Routing Lab (1721) Initial Network Configuration The Dallas, Chicago and Boston routers are initially configured so that all relevant interfaces are enabled and configured with IP addresses. Loopback interfaces are also configured on the Dallas and Chicago routers to represent multiple networks that need to accessible from the Boston upstream router. Your job is to configure EIGRP routing on all routers advertizing directly connected networks. At the conclusion of the lab, Boston should have only 1 route to all of the LANs on Dallas and Chicago.. Task 1: Set up EIGRP Routing on the Dallas Chicago and Boston Routers Dallas has 1K (1024) of IP address space consisting of four contiguous class C public networks:,, and The S0 interface is using the network. Configure EIGRP 100 routing for these networks using classful (class A, B or C) network IP addresses....
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This note was uploaded on 08/29/2011 for the course NET 204 taught by Professor Na during the Spring '11 term at DeVry Irving.

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EIGRP_Summary_RemLab_1721 - Student Name...

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