Lab 4 - Lab Four[30 points 6 points extra credit This lab...

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Lab Four [30 points + 6 points extra credit] This lab has two parts and you must turn in a zip file of your project for each part (total of 2 files). Try to work through the lab on your own, but if you get stuck, ask a neighbor or the instructor for help. Part A: Selection in Functions [15 points] You must write a program that asks the user to enter a few numbers, and then outputs what the lowest and highest numbers are. To write this in a modular fashion, we must separate the various tasks into functions. Here are the function algorithms we’ll use: The output should look similar to: CIS 209 - Functions - Page 1 of 6 main: read a,b,c set low to lowest(a,b,c) set high to highest(a,b,c) print low, high end lowest(d,e,f): if d<e and d<f then return d if e<d and e<f then return e return f end highest(g,h,i): if g>h and g>i then return g if h>g and h>i then return h return i end calls returns output calls returns output
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Step 1 - Getting Started Create a new project and copy-and-paste the starter cpp file given below, and copy- and-paste the function algorithms given above. Step 2 - Fix the Logic Error
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Lab 4 - Lab Four[30 points 6 points extra credit This lab...

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