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Course Hero 2 - b Ways to track what competitors are doing...

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2. What is the task environment ? The marketing environment consists of the task environment and the broad environment. The task environment includes the actors engaged in producing, distributing, and promoting the offering. The task environment is that segment of the external environment made up of specific outside elements (usually organizations) with which an organization interfaces in the course of conducting its business. The task environment depends on the products and services the organization offers and the locations where it conducts business. Elements of the Task Environment 1. An organization’s customers and clients are those individuals and organizations that purchase its products or services. It is becoming increasingly important to stay in touch with customers’ needs. 2. An organization’s competitors are other organizations that either offers of have a high potential of offering rival products or services. a. Organization needs to keep abreast of who their competitors are and what they are doing.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Ways to track what competitors are doing include obtaining information from commercial data bases, specialty trade publications, news clippings from local newspaper, help-wanted ads, published market research reports, business reports, trade shows, public filings, advertisements, and personal contacts. 3. An organization’s suppliers are those individual organizations that supply the resources (raw materials, products, or services) the organization needs to conduct its operations. 4. An organization’s labor supply consists of those individuals who are potentially employable by the organization. – Organization may have to shift their location if labor supplies dry up in some areas and increase in others. 5. Various government agencies provide services and monitor compliance with laws and regulations at local (e.g., consumer affairs), state or regional (e.g., health department), and national levels....
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Course Hero 2 - b Ways to track what competitors are doing...

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