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Course Hero 14 - answering a questionnaire easier and more...

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3. Online research interviewing is estimated to make up 33% of all survey-based research in 2006. Discuss the pros and cons of using this method of data collection. Pros and cons online research: Advantages Online research is inexpensive. A typical e-mail survey can cost between 20% and 50% less than what a conventional survey costs, and return rates can be as high as 50% Online research is fast. Online surveys are fast because the survey can automatically direct respondents to applicable questions and transmit results immediately. People tend to be honest online. Online answers were deemed much more honest. People may be more open about their opinions when they can respond privately and not to another person whom they feel might be judging, especially on sensitive topics. Online research is versatile. Increased broadband penetration offers online research even more flexibility and capabilities. Even at the basic tactile level, online surveys can make
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Unformatted text preview: answering a questionnaire easier and more fun than paper-and-pencil versions. Disadvantages • Samples can be small and skewed. Some 33% of households are without Internet access in the United States; the percentage is even higher among lower-income groups, in rural areas, and in most parts of Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe, where socioeconomic and education levels also differ. Although it’s certain that more and more people will go online, online market researchers must find creative ways to reach population segments on the other side of the ”digital divide”. • Online market research is prone to technological problems and inconsistencies. Because online research is relatively new, many market researchers have not gotten survey designs right. Others overuse technology, concentrating on the bells and whistles and graphics while ignoring basic survey design guidelines....
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Course Hero 14 - answering a questionnaire easier and more...

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