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3. What is the difference between biogenic needs and psychogenic needs? It is a known fact that consumers differ in personality and it is quite difficult to know their individual need. But knowing what influence them to behave the way they are in purchasing a particular product can be of big help. Usually, it is the person's perception that can influence his behavior towards a particularly product. But one or more motives within a person trigger behavior toward a goal that is expected to bring satisfaction. Every purchase is based on individual needs or wants of a human being. Biogenic and psychogenic needs of the human also affect the way we buy. Biogenic needs are physiological needs for food, warmth, shelter and sex. Psychogenic needs, on the other hand, stem from the socialization processes and involve intangible aspects, such as status, acquisition, or love. Psychogenic needs are
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Unformatted text preview: often the basis for advertising campaigns as they reach consumers at the emotional level. There are three psychogenic needs that provide more insight regarding human behavior: • Affection: the need to love and be loved and to form relationships • Ego-bolstering: the need to build oneself up in the mind or in the eyes of others, develop self-esteem and desire status • Ego-defensive: the need to protect ourselves, our families and our fragile ego. Dr. Abraham Maslow proposed that all human needs can be categorized into a basic hierarchy of needs in which people seek to satisfy needs in an ascending order of importance: biogenic, social, and psychogenic. Although not intended to predict shopping behavior, Maslow's theory helps retailers understand the buying motivations of consumers....
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