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Course Hero 32 - coating of toys providing it amounts to...

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1. What percentage of U.S. toys is produced by foreign manufacturers? Why might this be a problem? 2. What two consumer concerns drove several massive toy recalls? Over 80 percent of all toys sold in the United States come from foreign manufacturers and few of them get inspected. With scares generated by the lead in the paint used on the toys and by the danger of infants choking from small parts, United States toy distributors are re-evaluating the cost benefits of foreign sources of supply and, instead, are re-focusing on more traditional domestic marketing channels to supply toy products (Konrad, 2007). The lead content in painted toys endangers children because the toxic substance may cause brain damage, a slowdown in mental and physical growth, and trigger behavior and learning problems. It's been mostly banned in the United States since the late 1970s, but is permitted in the
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Unformatted text preview: coating of toys, providing it amounts to less than six parts per million. The massive 2010 Fisher-Price recall is a major blow to Mattel, Inc., which acquired the toy maker in 1997 and made Fisher-Price the umbrella brand over Mattel’s infant and preschool lines. Just three years ago, the company recalled over 18 million Mattel and Fisher-Price toys that contained excessive levels of lead, lead paint or magnets that could become loose and swallowed by children. Magnets, which were used in toys like Polly Pocket dolls and Batman action figures, have already caused problems in past years. By November 21, 2006, close to 2.5 million Polly Pocket play sets had been recalled. Before then, there had been over 400 reports that the magnets used for these dolls came loose and three serious reports of children swallowing the magnets....
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Course Hero 32 - coating of toys providing it amounts to...

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