10 - Russel Henderson and Aaron McKinney – the...

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4/19/10 tolerance vs. acceptance – to tolerate feels like barely managing to be ok with it. Acceptance is saying that this ok. Feel likes an actual documentary Parallels to VT/Blacksburg after the shootings on April 16 th , 2007 The role of the media A university town “Live and let live” – difference between tolerance and acceptance “Hate is not a Laramie value” Jedediah Schultz, the theatre student, talks about Laramie becoming a “noun”, like Waco, like Jsper. . we could add, like Virginia tech Doc O’Connor, the limo driver Romaine Patterson, Matt’s friend Catherine Connolly, the first “out” gay faculty member at the University of Wyoming in 1992 Jonas Slonaker, gay Laramie resident Matt Galloway, the bartender at the Fireside
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Unformatted text preview: Russel Henderson and Aaron McKinney – the perpetrators, local kids The claim of the motive as robbery The image of the fence Aaron Kriefels – found Matthew… “Why did God want me to find him?” – his description of finding him, what Mathew looked like Reggie Fluty – her description of finding and helping him Dr. Cantway, ER doctor – describing his injuries, hoping it was somebody from out of town… Detective Rob DeBree Hate crimes legislation – just passed this fall (2009) Press conferences, media updates by the CEO of the hospital Rulon Stacy Pleading “not guilty” Russell Henderson – a Mormon, and Eagle Scout Friends and acquaintances of Aaron and Russell…...
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10 - Russel Henderson and Aaron McKinney – the...

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