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2/15/10 The Role of Artists and philosophers Rejection of Neoclassicism (romantic) embracing Shakespeare Subject matter – Innocence vs. tyranny - Fighting against tyranny - The younger you were the closer you were to that higher truth - As you get older the harder it is to change or imagine the world being different Ibsen 1828 - Began in the romanticism era - Began terrible was in poverty - His quote when he realizes romanticism isn’t working: If I am no poet, I shall try my luck as a photographer. Realism (mid 19 th c.) (He wanted to write play about what actually happened to someone in real life “what is”) - Set costumes and stage that reflects your own life was unheard of.
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Unformatted text preview: -Direct observation of the contemporary world-Truthful presentation of that world-“Slice of life” (piece of your life)-Emphasis on the cause and effect of behavior (linear – happens in chronological order. Small amount of actors and a few days.-Neoclassicism – Time, place, action-Heredity and Environment - Who people are and what they say is very connected to their heredity and environment. (Gender, where you live, region, events)-Events – traumatizing, eye opening, self-realization, moments of success, moments of failure.-9/11, nova sniper, 4/16, recession, hurricane katrina...
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