10 - I rony – something said or done that the audience...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-19-10 I rony – something said or done that the audience knows but the character does not or vice versa (we don’t know that Heda made fun of the hat on p urpose. Certain things in the play start to have a symbolic meaning Symbol – something physical that represents an idea; meaning other than t heir li teral meaning. Guns (holding a gun but is also symbolic) Window is open and closed, fresh light. Heda comes in and closes the shades (symbolic) Other aunt that is in bad shape George tessman is now Doctor Tessman Heda refuses to call George’s aunt her aunt – shows how she doesn’t want to be close to George Judge and Heda are very f l i r tatious Heda will only marry him if she can live the way she always has Eilot lovborg is going for the same job George is A unt Juliana pulls out a second mortgage Heda Calling do early – why r u here Comments that slam aunt Juliana T he slippers are middle class and she wants nothing to do with it She is not wearing a corset bc she is pregnant A unt Juliana leaves and Heda f l ings here arms up and clinching her fists shows her entrapment Season is fall to show depression Tea – class difference, she left her husband, had courage to do something that Heda would never have the courage to do, blows heda’s mind bc it goes against the expectations of society. She has a relationship with Hedas old f l ing with lovborg, Gets lovborg to drink and gives him a gun. J udge Brock is the only thing keeping her life bearable ...
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10 - I rony – something said or done that the audience...

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