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GeneticsSyl2011Fall - BB 2920 Genetics A term 2011 Dr Liz...

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BB 2920 Genetics A term, 2011 Dr. Liz Ryder , Gateway Park 4024, 831-6011 email: [email protected] (the best way to reach me to make appointments or ask questions) Office Hours: 3:00 PM Tuesdays at GH 211 11:00 AM Thursdays at GH211 by appointment Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) Nouran Abdelkader [email protected] Erin Armstrong [email protected] Virginia Bell [email protected] Course hours Lectures: MTRF 2:00 PM in OH 107 Optional Help Sessions with PLAs: Wednesdays 4-6 PM in OH126 except for first session, focused on VGL, in SL305 Additional help by appointment; email is fine Optional Review Sessions for Exams: Thursday, Sept. 8 at 4-5:50 PM in SL104 (Ryder) Thursday, Sept. 22 at 4-5:50 PM in SL104 (Ryder) Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 4-5:50 PM in SL305 (Ryder) Texts Griffiths, Wessler, Carroll, Doebley. Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 10 th Edition (2012). Articles (typically from Discover, Scientific American, Nature News & Views, or newspapers) will be available through the MyWPI web page. Objectives of the course 1. Learn fundamental principles of classical and molecular genetics 2. Apply these principles to solving problems 3. Connect fundamental principles to current topics in genetics research Some examples : genetics of human disease, analysis of the human genome, genetic screens using model organisms (yeast , Drosophila, C. elegans ), advances using transgenic and cloned organisms This year: Guest speakers Outline of Topics I. Classical Genetics (1 st 2 exams) A. Single gene inheritance / Mendel’s 1st law of segregation (Ch 2) 1) Monohybrid crosses; test crosses 2) Chromosome theory, part 1 3) Sex linkage 4) Examples of single gene inheritance (screens, human pedigrees) B. Independent assortment of multiple genes / Mendel’s 2nd law (Ch 3) 1) Dihybrid crosses 2) Chromosome theory, part 2 3) Organelle genes C. Mapping Genes by Recombination (Ch 4) 1) Crosses with linked genes 2) Chromosome theory, part 3: crossing over 3) Mapping gene order using linkage 4) Mitotic crossing over and tumorigenesis
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D. Extensions to Mendel’s Laws (Allele and Gene Interactions, Ch 6) 1) Multiple alleles; incomplete dominance; haploinsufficiency 2) Complementation and Epistasis 3) Penetrance and Expressivity II. Molecular Genetics (3 rd exam) A. DNA: structure and replication(Chapter 7) B. RNA: Transcription and processing (Chapter 8) C. Proteins: Translation and post-translation (Chapter 9) D. Regulation of Gene Expression 1) Prokaryotic (bacteria; Ch 5, 10) 2) Eukaryotic (Ch 11) III. Population Genetics? Organization Lectures, Powerpoint files, and Turning Point (clickers or mobile devices) Lectures will be based on the text, but supplemental material will also be provided. PowerPoint files corresponding to each lecture will be available on myWPI before the lecture. You may want to download them, print them out as handouts, and bring them to class, or you may want to follow
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GeneticsSyl2011Fall - BB 2920 Genetics A term 2011 Dr Liz...

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