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Textbook for PH1110, A2011 The text is Young & Freedman, University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics, 13th edition. ISBN -13 978-0-321-69686-1 OPTIONS: 1) Buy the hard copy version in the WPI Bookstore .This includes Mastering Physics access kit and access to the electronic book online. The same version can be purchased from the publisher ( www.mypearsonstore.com ) (free shipping) and possibly from other online bookstores. 2) Buy a used version at the WPI Bookstore .You will have to acquire a Mastering Physics account (see 5) 3) Buy a binder-ready version – the same as 1) – but not bound – but holes are punched. The bound version is bulky and heavy – the binder-ready version gives you the opportunity to carry around just the chapter you are using. Available at the WPI Bookstore or from Pearson . 4) Buy a Mastering Physics access kit plus access to an Etext version of Young & Freedman at the
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Unformatted text preview: WPI Bookstore. If you do not feel that you will need a hard copy, this is a less expensive alternative. 5) Buy a Mastering Physics access kit at the WPI Bookstore . You will not have access to the textbook. 4) and 5) can also be accomplished online at www.masteringphysics.com . You will need a credit card. Click on “Students”, then on “No”, then select Young & Freedman. It is also worth pointing out that options 4) and 5) do not give you the possibility of selling your textbook after the course is over – 1), 2), and 3) do. Note that it is essential that each student have their own MasteringPhysics account. Textbooks, however, can be shared -- among roommates or larger groups. The WPI Bookstore is also selling a Student Work Book to go with Y & F --this is a Bookstore recommendation and is not required for the course....
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