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HW 1 2011 - b If(a is indeterminate what additional information is needed 4 Two process streams are fed continuously to a tank where they are

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Department of Chemical Engineering ChE 2011 Homework 1 A 2011 (due Thursday, Sept. 1) 1. 297 g of bricks are added to 0.38 lb bricks. What is the final mass in grams? 2. A process stream flowing at 12 kg/h ethanol is completely mixed in a tank with a stream of water flowing at 0.23 lb/s. The tank is maintained at constant volume by pumping a stream out of the tank and the mixing process occurs at steady state. What is the total exiting flow rate in lb/h? 3. A stream of oil flowing at 7.2 g/s is completely mixed with another stream of oil flowing with a velocity of 4.1 cm/s. a. What is the exiting stream flow rate needed to maintain constant volume?
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Unformatted text preview: b. If (a) is indeterminate, what additional information is needed? 4. Two process streams are fed continuously to a tank where they are completely mixed. An exit stream is continuously removed from the tank. One feed stream is 4 g/h pure water, and the other feed stream is 11 g/h (total) that is 22 weight percent salt-in-water. There is no reaction, and the mixing tank volume is constant. Calculate: a. the total flow rate exiting the tank b. the flow rate of salt only, exiting the tank c. the concentration of salt in the exiting stream From Felder/Rousseau : 5. 2.2 6. 2.8 7. 3.3 (a-c)...
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