To improve schools

To improve schools - To improve schools, forget computers...

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To improve schools, forget computers If you're upset about the quality of your child's education, you should be. By any reasonable measurement, American schools are failing to educate our kids. In a 1998 international test, American high school students finished 18th out of 21 nations in math and science literacy, and the test didn't even include any Asian countries. In a separate test for those students taking advanced physics, our kids finished dead last. In a survey of American teenagers conducted by the National Constitution Center, only 21% of the kids were aware that there are 100 members of the U.S. Senate, but 81% knew that there are three brothers in the musical group Hanson. College admission is no guarantee that kids have learned basic skills. A full 36% of freshmen in New York's university system require remedial courses, while almost 40% of Georgia's freshmen need the extra help. In Kentucky, the figure is 48% - half of a university student body arrives on campus without the skills to complete high school successfully. What to do about it? First of all, let's stop pretending that high-speed data lines will solve America's educational problems. While politicians talk about Internet access and computer programs as if they're the pillars of a core curriculum, the evidence suggests that investments in technology do not improve test scores. Says David Gelernter, a Yale computer science professor and author of the LINDA programming language, "Access to the Internet is like driver's ed, except more trivial. It's something you can learn in an afternoon. It's something good. It's something everybody should be familiar with. But to put it at the heart of one's program for education is, it
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To improve schools - To improve schools, forget computers...

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