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In the essay - In the essay The Information Revolution Will...

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In the essay “The Information Revolution Will Transform Education” by Paul A. Winters the author reasons that technology will reform education. “This postindustrial form of society calls for a new, postindustrial form of education. Teachers, parents, school administrators, and policymakers have begun to realize that an entirely new model of education is needed.” He uses author Don Tapscott for his evidence: “They can connect with mentors outside their schools or consult with experts on everything from geology and math to classical music and fine arts. And they can follow along as scientists, explorers, and adventurers mount expeditions to earth's most remote areas" The author continues, in his essay to say: In this new kind of school, all students will be held to far higher standards of learning because everyone will have to be prepared to think for a living and everyone will have to be capable of learning many new skills over the course of a lifetime. For his
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