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What is a good k

What is a good k - Language ambiguities get in the way of...

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What is a good k-12 education? It may be different to different types of people. Research shows If you ask a parent who has a college degree they want a different type of education then parents who have not attended any post secondary education. Just what is considered a good k-12 education in the Untied States is a source of uncertainty in my question of “What new paradigms will bring true improvement to public K12 education?” But isn’t it an assumption that the current k-12 public education model needs reform at all? After all the current system has over 60 million students enrolled in k-12 with close to 80% graduation rate. Ninety eight percent of those students are literate and 72% are proficient in reading, math and science. So not only is it an assumption that the system needs improvement but it is uncertain that it can be improved on at all.
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Unformatted text preview: Language ambiguities get in the way of understanding the problem or solution. For example terms such as “direct instruction”, “discovery learning”, discovery, problem-based, experiential, and inquiry-based teaching methods are vague and may have different meanings in other contexts. Such ambiguities can be reduced if in discussing implications and applications of education we focus on clearly defined instructional methods and procedures, rather than vague labels and outmoded ‘-isms.’ In my question “What new paradigms will bring true reform to public K12 education?” the word paradigm may be ambiguous. In this context I am using the word to mean model or system however it can denote speech pattern or chemical similarity. So what would be an improvement to the current k-12 system? It is ambiguous....
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