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Notes 11 Sep 09 - -Also to understand patterns of global...

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11 Sep 09 The Great Powers What defines a great power?  At any moment in history…any country in  the sys. that is the  most powerful @ the time - Military Power -Economic (3x larger than nearest competitot (Japan)) Soft power (i.e. culture, ideas, fashion, values, tv, music, McDonald’s, Coke) Polarity-  the degree to which military and ecnomic capabilites are concetntrated among the  major powers in the state sys . (How  many great power states are there?) -Multipolar : 3 or more  great power states…i.e. Pre-WW1, Pre-WWII Bipolarity - 2 great powers, i.e. Cold War (US vs. Soviet Union) Unipolarity - one great power i. .e. U.S. after the Cold War Hegemon-  a single, overwhelmingly powerful state that exercises predominate influence over  the global sys (U.S.) Why Focus on the Great Powers? -B/C  Great Powers strongly influence patterns of global governance -i.e. U.S. and United Nations
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Unformatted text preview: -Also to understand patterns of global war and peace.-WWI, WWII, and the Cold War were all bet. great power states.-75-100 million deaths from WWI & WWII from ‘Great Powers’ hince the curiosity w/ Great Powers-More than 1 Great Power state, tends to lead to conflict! Long Cycle Theory-Pattern of great power war is tied to the rise and decline of hegemonic states-Following each Great Power war, a new hegemonic state emerges.-The hegemon est. and maintains global governance institutions.-Maintaining the global order imposes a cost on the hegemon. Over time, the power of the hegemon declines (“imperial overstretch”)-1 or more states will rise up to challenge the power and authority of the hegemon, leading to conflict and war.-It weakens the hegemon over time… the global burden will weaken this hegemon...
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Notes 11 Sep 09 - -Also to understand patterns of global...

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