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Notes 30 Sep 09 - -Everything not security issues....

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Political Science 30 Sep 09 (Wed.) Security Council -Responsible for maintaining international peace and security. -15 Council members. -5 Permanent members w/ veto power: China, US, France, Russia, Britain - Victorious members of the Allied Powers in WWII (took the most powerful/victorious   countries)  -None of the 5 permanent states can use their Veto power. -10 members selected by the General Assembly for 2yr. terms Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) -54 members elected by the General Assembly for 3yr terms. -Coordinates the economic and social work of the UN.
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Unformatted text preview: -Everything not security issues. ..i.e.:-Population and development-Status of women-Human Rights. .. International Court of Justice-15 judges selected by the General Assembly and the Security Council for 9 yr terms.-Decides disputes between member states if the states agree to participate.-Issues advisory opinions on legal questions. Secretariat-Carries out the administrative work of the UN.-Headed by the UN Secretary-General, who is elected by the General Assembly for a 5 yr term-Current Secretariat, Ban Ki-moon...
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