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Ch. 3-4_24 Sep Notes - -Strong Electrolyte conducts current...

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Chem. 1211K 24 Sep 09 Structure of Water: H20 -Polar: partial charges, 2H^6+ & O 2- -Bond length: o –h= .9854 A -Bond angle: <HOH = 104.45 Hydration -Positive ends of the solute attracted by the  Oxygen  end of water. -Negative ends of the solute attracted by the  Hydrogen  end of water. Solubility (like dissolves like!) -The amount of a substance that dissolves in a given volume of solvent at a  given temp. dissolving process (water dissolves b/c of chemical bond 4.2 Nature of Aqueous Solutions -Solute: Ssubstance which is dissolved -Solvent: Substance wwhich does the dissolving. -Electrical Conductivity: Ability to conduct an electric current -Acid produces H+ when dissolved in water. -Base produces OH- when dissolved in water.
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Unformatted text preview: -Strong Electrolyte conducts current efficiently in water.-Weak Electrolyte barely conducts current in water.-Nonelectrolyte conducts no current in water.-Strong Acid: Virtually every molecule ionizes in water.-Strong Base-Virtually every molecule ionizes in water.-3 Examples of Strong Electrolytes: Salt, strong acid, strong base-Weak Electrolytes Ch. 4.3 The Composition of Solutions Molarity- Moles of solute per liter of solution. Molarity= moles of solute liters of solution-Concentration of Ions in Solution-Ionic compounds dissociated in solution, multiplying the molarity by the number of ions present.-Standard Solution: a solution whose concentration is accurately known.-Dilution-Dilution of a solution w/ water doesn’t change the number of moles of solute present in solution....
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Ch. 3-4_24 Sep Notes - -Strong Electrolyte conducts current...

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