April 14_Wed.

April 14_Wed. - 1. Geographic Constituency 2. Re-Election...

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American Govt 14 April 2010_Wed . House of Representatives -Apportioned between states according to population every 10 yrs. -Districting set by state legislature (except as required by Voting) Who does a Representative Represent ? -Most interests are local, though some members receive significant amounts of funding from  outside districts (especially important committee chairs and leaders). Four Constituencies (Fenno, 1978)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Geographic Constituency 2. Re-Election Constituency 3. Primary Constituency 4. Personal Constituency How Congress is Organized-Political Parties (Caucus or Conference)-Speaker of the House-Formally appoints committees-Party Leader and Presiding Officer-Usually only votes to break tie/seldom speaks from floor-Floor Leaders (Majority Leader/Minority Leader)-Vote Counters (Majority and Minority Whips)...
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