Feb 1_Mon_(Exam 1 Review)

Feb 1_Mon_(Exam 1 Review) - approve, where it doesnt get...

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American Government 1 February 2010_Mon Topic 1: Election Turnouts are to Low Ty tkendall@spsu.edu Kevin :   kwood3@spsu.edu Marcus wumster3000@gmail.com Kelly :     rmccrory@spsu.edu http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0781453.html Multiple choice  (30)-Key Terms in the textbook, fill in the blank -sovereignty  Ch. 1-3 -including Ga. Chapter (counties, constitutions) Short answer questions  (40 points)- -Haiti, Scott Brown, State of the Union -3 branches of government; the 3 articles of the constitution that created them Congress: Express Powers (slide) -collecting taxes            -borrowing money -regulating commerce -declaring war -maintaining an army and navy -confirm executive branch and judicial appointments
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Exam 1 Review Questions: 1.  It’s harder to amend the US constitution b/c you need 2 diff . levels of government to 
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Unformatted text preview: approve, where it doesnt get approved. Georgia, you just need of the state to have it approve GA: to get 2/3 of the State Legislature to approve is the hardest part. 2. Layer cake federalism: Dual Federalism (2 levels of govt) Marble cake federalism: Cooperative Federalism (mixed together) 3. 4. Scott Brown, Mass., Sen. Kennedy, Thomas. Healthcare Hold up vote 6. The Great Compromise: 7. 5 Expressed Powers of Congress from Article 1 of the Constitution: CHAPTER 2 8. The Necessary Improper Clause provide the primary rationale for the Implied Powers of Congress (article I section 8) 10. Citizenship a type of power? 11. Supreme Court, HOP, Pres., Senate 12. 3 American Political Values: Liberty Equality Democracy...
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Feb 1_Mon_(Exam 1 Review) - approve, where it doesnt get...

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