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20 Jan_Wed. - “-Anything and everything is fair...

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Intro to Psych 20 January 2010 (Wed.) Module 1 Psychology                      Greek sign for  -systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. -Behavior is anything we can see and observe -Environment : weather, people, the world in which you live; your social environment. -Mental processes:) day dreaming, dreaming, how do you make decisions, etc…      To study dreams they use EEG machines, study R.E.M. (5 stages)                                  
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Unformatted text preview: “-Anything and everything is fair game” -Psychology grew out of philosophy 1. The historical/past definition: The study of the mind-Psyche means “the mind”-ology means “the study of” Historical Approaches: 1. 1879; Structuralism (Wundt)-1 st psychology lab (In Germany)-Introspection (1 st psychology method used to collect data) Note: -1 st US Lab (G. Stanley Hall at Johns Hopkins Univ. in 1883)...
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