27 Jan_Wed - IntrotoPsych. 27Jan:Wed

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Intro to Psych. 27 Jan: Wed -Modules 1&2, the video, future reading assignments…any handouts -Exam 1: Feb. 3 Wed. Pg. 17 Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist Pg. 18-19: Areas of Specialization/Research Areas (7) Contemporary Approaches 1. Biological -Brain, Hormones, Genes, Depression (hereditary) William James, “the mind is what the brain does.” -We’ve got to understand the body to understand the mind. 2. Cognitive Approach -Mental processes, behaviors -Beliefs, attitudes           -By definition,  “…almost sounds like a computer.”                          - Psychology grew out of philosophy …computer science grew out of psychology (cognitive  approach/the study of how the brain works)                        -Computer scientists (initially were psychologists or had training in psychology) 3. Behavioral Approach
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27 Jan_Wed - IntrotoPsych. 27Jan:Wed

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