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29 Jan_Fri. - Humanistic approach towards alcohol I drink...

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Intro to Psych. 29 January 2010_Fri. “Does alcoholism run in families?” Biological approach towards alcohol:  what part of the brain may be activated, family members  who may have been alcoholics (heredity?); family history? Someone may have a pre-distribution  (potential is greater) to becoming an alcoholic. -Hormonal imbalances when drinking -Twin studies Cognitive approach towards alcohol:  How individuals  think  about drinking… attitudes  towards drinking. …Interested in the  beliefs  of these individuals towards drinking Behavioral approach towards alcohol:  two kids learning to drink from dad…it’s cool for the  son, but not cool for the daughter (Also  cross-cultural approach  b/c of the gender differences) Psychoanalytic approach towards alcohol : people drink to repress feelings, to forget feelings
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Unformatted text preview: Humanistic approach towards alcohol: I drink to feel better. It enhances my self esteem. People’s whole personality changes: some start crying, people feel more free Cross Cultural approach towards alcohol: Different cultural have different issues or approaches towards alcoholism (Europe is way more lenient towards drinking 18+) US is big on 21+ -Native Americans (highest rate of alcoholism) Goals of Psychology: Describe: the behavior or thought patterns that are tied to that issue/subject Explain causes: of a behavior (alcohol: Use previous research, read) Conduct your own. Predict: future behavior, based on your previous explanations of why (#2) Control: How can we control what might happen in the future...
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