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Feb_15_Wed. - (O.D on sleep(Hormones are replenishing...

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Intro to Psych 15 February 2010_Mon Each sleep cycle last 90 minutes -stage 4 is where you get the best sleep -closer you get to your waking state, those dreams are gonna be longer, and you’ll have a  better chance to remember them.   - What are the wave cycles called when you are awake? -Each stage and the name of the waves, including ‘waking state waves.’ - Alpha waves kick in  while becoming drowsy -STAGE 1: Transitional stage (stage in between being awake and asleep) -STAGE 2: considered the “1 ST  real stage of sleep” - -STAGE 3: -STAGE 4: Deepest level of sleep; when you typically sleep walk, talk , drive… -tendency to replenish biological chemicals we need when in waking state 
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Unformatted text preview: (O.D. on sleep); (Hormones are replenishing themselves) REM Sleep: most of dreaming occurs during REM sleep; referred to paradoxical sleep the brain waves are almost identical to being awake-paradoxical sleep -increase in heart rate, blood pressure goes up, eye movement, genitals aroused-extremities become paralyzed (neck, arms…) -Why? Being paralyzed allows us not to ‘ACT OUT’ our dreams…safety mechanism-REM rebound: occurs after a cold (taking medicine with codine); these will push you to stage 4-Serotonin: a biochemical that inhibits REM sleep...
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