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Feb_19 - -Incubus nightmares a character from Mythology(a...

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Intro to Psych 19 February 2010_Fri. Primarily we dream during REM sleep.  Might describe dreams as images, even hallucinations  (they don’t make sense) -We use 2 out of the 5 senses while dreaming (sight & hearing;  rarely even taste, smell, &  touch Lucid Dreaming : -Dreaming component -Detached observational component Nightmares - Anxiety (REM):  very common, more emotionally charged, making you nervous, tense       -usually late in the sleep cycle, seem to be longer, little change psychologically in our  responses.  Heart rate increases,  provoke a lot of fear, uncomfortable, vivid, usually in color;  can remember in detail -easy to awaken during anxiety (REM) - Night Terror (Stage 4)
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Unformatted text preview: -Incubus nightmares: a character from Mythology (a ‘sleep demon’ ); neither male nor female, puts it’s mouth over the mouth and nose over the individual, while sitting on your chest; you’re experiencing terror, panic-you don’t remember these dreams, just the sensation-you are feeling terror, a heavy weight on your chest, can’t move, fighting for your life, you cannot breathe, difficult to catch your breath-very difficult to wake you up during these-some sleep walking occurs-heart rate increases (2-4 x faster); heart rate is usually at its lowest point in Stage 4-NOTE the differences 1. One during REM, one during Stage 4 2....
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