Mar_22_Mon. - -Beliefs/Expectations-Intrinsic Motivation...

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Intro to Psych 22 Mar 2010_Mon. 12:30 PM tomorrow (Tues.) 4+ points to Exam 2 or 3… -indicate whether 2 or 3  Instinctual Theory - Innate factors -Fixed action patterns       -Salmon swimming back upstream to find their original mating place      -Limited in scope in explaining what motivates humans Reward/Pleasure Center Theory -Most recent and BIOLOGICAL in nature -Brain stimulation motivates behaviors: it motivates us to experience pleasure and get rewarded  in some way.     -Why do people take risky behavior unnecessarily? It makes you feel good…the risky  behavior NOT ONE GROUP CAN EXPLAIN MOTIVATION COMPLETELY NOT ONE GROUP CAN EXPLAIN MOTIVATION COMPLETELY Incentive Theory - Environment Factors -Extrinsic Motivation      -Money being the greatest incentive      -Grades are incentives to motivate you. Cognitive Theory
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Unformatted text preview: -Beliefs/Expectations-Intrinsic Motivation : suggest that what motivates us is based on our beliefs. The standards we set for ourselves. I believe in working w/ my church or volunteering within the community. (Sometimes intrinsic CAN TURN INTO extrinsic motivation) -You’re good at restoring cars…in every way, just when you feel like; Then someone offers you a job at doing this so come work for us = $$$ now Extrinsic -Self determination Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Humanistic psychologist; Humanistic Approach:-Emphasizes the positives in humans.-The 1 st theorist that attempted to put all of the needs in one theory.-Hierarchy of Needs 1 st Motivation: Hunger Biological Genetic Factors Psychosocial Factors Sexual Motivation-Biological/Genetic Factors-Psychological Factors Sexual Orientation Achievement Motivation...
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Mar_22_Mon. - -Beliefs/Expectations-Intrinsic Motivation...

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