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29 March 2010_Mon. Sexual Dysfunction/Problems -Premature Ejaculation -Inhibited Female Orgasm - caused by:  sexual abuse, rape, psychological (mind is on other things $, bills) - Sight  for males (most sexual of the senses) - Touch  for females (most sexual of the senses) -This can create conflicts -The  human mind is the greatest arousal  for both male and females. (Psychosocial factors: your  beliefs, feelings, emotions, culture) - Mind influencing the body, and the body influencing the mind. Psychosocial factors: -Beliefs -Feelings/emotions -Cultural -Age -Religion -Double standard (gender) Paraphilias -Pedophilia: one who becomes aroused around children; {Internet use/access} 1.  Exhibitionism 2.  Voyeurism : recurrent sexual urges or fantasies involving the act of observing an  unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity -Strip clubs, magazines 3.  Fetishism
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This note was uploaded on 08/29/2011 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 2201 taught by Professor Cochrane,l. during the Spring '10 term at SPSU.

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Mar_29_Mon. - IntrotoPsych 29March2010_Mon....

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